Born on June, 8, 1963 in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. Valeri Dimchev learnt to play the tambura (a traditional Bulgarian stringed instrument) at the age of 10. The first time he picked up the instrument, he fell in love with it and knew that this was his calling. So, the tambura became his destiny and accompanies his life paths.

Valeri has made numerous appearances with his trio and other groups at festivals, concerts, seminars, workshops, etc. in Europe, Canada and Malaysia.

Albums of his compositions and traditional music
1998 "I see a light" – Polysound (Bulgaria)
2001 "Sooner…Later…" - Volatile Records, Canada
2001 "The Bulgarian Tamboura” – American recording Productions (USA)
2003 "A TAKA" – Tutl (Faroe Islands)
2004 "Joy as a teardrop" – AKYCTIK (Bulgaria)
2014 "Музика за Тамбура" – notation scores and CD
2013-3014 Alia Vox releases two albums, produced by the famous Spanish musician Jordi Savall:

Valeri Dimchev performs on these albums together with the famous Bulgarian musicians: Nedyalko Nedyalkov (kaval), Stoyan Yankoulov (percussion), Peyo Peev (gadlka).

In Jordi Savall’s project Hesperion XXI, Valeri took part alongside masters of traditional instruments from different Balkan countries.

In 2015 he was presented the “Bal Kan” award for early classical music before 1600, by the prestigious association ICMA.

He followed the albums with concerts in some of the biggest halls and cathedrals of Europe.

Valeri Dimchev has written original music for TV documentaries. He has over 500 arrangements of folk songs and has been broadcast multiple times on TV and radio.

• NUFI Shiroka luka (1982)
• AMTII Plovdiv (1988)

1994-2000 - tambura teacher at NHG “ Cyril I Metodii” - Blagoevgrad
2000-2007 Music director and sound engineer at BNT – Blagoevgrad
2004 establishes his own recording studio and a label AKYCTIK
2014 tambura teacher and PhD student at SWU “Neofit Rilsky” -Blagoevgrad

"Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy." 

-Ludwig van Beethoven

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"Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy."  -Ludwig van Beethoven
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