There are over one hundred programs in the biofeedback system and it is only with training and experience gained over six years and a thousand sessions have I learnt to understand which programmes to use for each client.

The following programs contribute to the biofeedback’s ability to retrieve 90,000 different signals that your body is giving out at any given time. There are hundreds of different training programs that may used back-to-back in limitless combination’s to obtain optimum results. Additionally, it is able to run up to four complimentary programs simultaneously for an enhanced effect.

Auto-Frequency / Training Program:
Performs a baseline measurement of stress related imbalances in the polarity of the organ systems, and allows for retraining those stress patterns.

Auto Trivector Training Program:
Retrains stress patterns in three primary wave forms found in healthy tissues: capacitance, inductance, and conductance.

Super-learning Training Program:
Re-educates the brain to function for optimal learning.

Autonomic Nervous Training Program:
Allows for retraining stress patterns in the sympathetic, parasympathetic and vague nerve.

Spinal Muscular Re-education:
Re-educates the muscles and nerves associated with and supporting the spine.

Muscular Re-education for Athletes:
Allows for re-education and stress reduction programs specific to performance enhancement.

Nutrition and Homeopathy Feedback Training Program:
Sends homeopathic and nutritional signatures for stress reduction.

Stress and Cortisol Re-balancing Training Program:
Helps clients redevelop healthy adrenal patterns in relation to stress responses.

NLP-Neuro Linguistic Program Stress Reduction Programs:
Re-educates neuro-transmitter reactions and retrains clients reactions to emotional and mental health factors.

Spiritual Resonance Training Program:
Strengthens the clients innate healing abilities, encourages the ability to tolerate higher vibrations and frequencies.

Auto-Colour Therapy Training Program:
Chooses from 256 potential colour frequency patterns choosing the ones that will most harmonise the client’s stress.

Auto Scalar Training Program:
Provides training protocols and visualisations for balancing stress factors interfering with the subtle energy centers known as the chakras.

Auto Meridian Training Program:
Does a baseline assessment of meridians and begins an automatic retraining program for balancing stress/ energetic disturbances in the acupuncture meridians.

Hyper Reactant Training Program:
Identifies stress reactions related to foods, microbes, chemicals, solvents and other substances and trains for more proper reactions to those stressors.

Some Biofeedback training program options to choose from are:
– Nervous System Stress
– Digestive Stress
– Nutritional Absorption Stress
– Vitality
– Endocrine /Hormonal Stress
Environmental Stress
– Emotional Stress
Circulatory Stress
– Peak Brain Performance
Weight Loss Stress
– Degenerative Stress
– Accident/ Injury/ Pain
Sleeping Problems
– Aging Stress
– Allergy Stress Release
– Release Negativity
and many more.


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-Nikola Tesla